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Silas Reynolds knows beer and he knows food. He also knows that West Seattle needs another great pub. Silas is about to give them one.

Silas has formal training and professional experience in the culinary arts but has also worked as a self-described “keg monkey” for Arlen Harris at the LaConner Brewing Company. He was also instrumental in opening the Rockfish Grill and Anacortes Brewery. Today, he is the proprietor of the Porterhouse Pub — Mt. Vernon’s exceptional beer destination.

We just spent a few minutes with Silas at his new digs in West Seattle’s Admiral Neighborhood, where he will soon open a second Porterhouse Pub. The location could not be easier to find. It is literally next door to the historic Admiral Theater, near the corner of Admiral Way and California Avenue. If you know the neighborhood, we’re talking about the space that was formerly Black Bird.  It is a great space in a great neighborhood. Heck, the bar even has patio seating!

In Mt. Vernon, the Porterhouse is a “grown-ups only” establishment (21+). Anyone who knows West Seattle understand that it would be foolish to not allows parents to bring their kids. It’s a demographic reality. Silas is a West Seattle native and a new father, so he will make the West Seattle Porterhouse an all-ages pub.

There will be 25 tap handles pouring a rotating selection of west coast beers, with an emphasis on local beers. Cheers to that! They will likely have a featured brewery each month. That brewery will host a brewers night to kick things off and then will have four tap handles for the month.

Silas described the food as being, “Pub food with an ecclectic twist.” He also explained that he has an abnormally large number of farmers and gardeners in the family, so you can look forward to fresh, locally grown veggies.

He told us that he hopes to open in July. While we admire his vision and the purity of his intentions, we’ll be amazed if that happens. Very, very happy, but amazed. We will keep you posted as thing progress.

It just so happens that West Seattle’s Admiral neighborhood is the place that I call home. With all respect to Circa, my neighborhood so desperately needs a great beer bar. Mrs. Beer Blog and I could not be happier that Silas is bringing his show to town.


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We just got a quick update from the folks at Fremont Brewing. They tell us that they currently have beer in both fermenters and expect to tap their first kegs at the Latona in the next 2-3 weeks. We’ll keep you informed as more details and more updates come in.

If you don’t know about Fremont Brewing, read our original post about Seattle’s newest craft brewer.

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Tonight (THU, MAY 21, 6:00PM) at the Beveridge Place Pub – DIAMOND KNOT INDUSTRIAL IPA CASK! One of the Bev’s events during Seattle Beer Week was the Battle of the Randalls, which featured three otherwise deliciously hoppy beers poured through Randalls to up the hop-ocity, as it were. The combatants were Schooner Exact, Full Sail and Diamond Knot. The winner was Diamnond Knot Inustrial IPA. Come to the Bev tonight and sample it on cask.

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schoonerexactSchooner Exact has now successfully moved into its new facility in South Park. Tomorrow (Sat. May 16th) will be their first day open to the public and they’d like to invite their many fans to come down and check out the new digs. They’re going to have some live music and there will be BBQ food. The open house runs from 10:00 – 6:00.

This is part of Seattle Beer Week’s South Seattle Breweries Open House, but we’d like to extend a special shout-out to Marcus Connery, Matt McClung and Heather McClung. Congratulations! We look forward to spending some time down at the new tasting room. This is a good opportunity to extend another congratulations… to Heather, who is now the President of the Washington Brewers Guild.

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Seth Gilligan from Gilligan's Brewing.

Seth Gilligan from Gilligan's Brewing.

Last night King 5 New ran a story about Washington beer. Seriously. Not kidding here. Specifically, it was a thumbs up to our local nano breweries. In short, it was a really good segment and provided some valuable face time for a couple of our local brewers (good job Seth and Heather!). King 5 has the story, and the video, up on their Web site.  Cheers to King 5 for showing the local beer scene a little love! Click Here!

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ratcityrollergirlsWe’ll assume that by now everyone has heard about the Rat City Rollergirls – Seattle’s sensational all female roller derby league. Here’s your chance to go meet some interesting, sexy, and undeniably tough women… and drink beer with them.

This Thursday, April 23rd, Full Throttle Bottles will be hosting the Throttle Rockets one of the Rat City Rollergirls’ teams. The event will be a fundraiser for the Throttle Rockets to raise money for team expenses (like band-aids, casts, health insurance, and so on.)

Raffle items, group pictures, swag, and other wonderful goodies will be available to purchase or win. And the entire team will be there in uniform to sign autographs and take pictures!

Full Throttle Bottles is moving its tasting day from Wednesday to Thursday this week in support of the team. This is the only night the team does not practice. Full Throttle will be sampling beers from Wetten Imports, including:

  • throttlerocketsDelirium Tremens, a Belgian strong ale (8.5% alcohol and the rest is all flavor)
  • Kasteel Rouge, a dark kriek (Erika says yummy!)
  • Floris Apple, Taste is wow apple juice and an apple candy finish
  • Carolus Grand Cru Emperor Blue, one of the strongest and most exciting beers in the world
  • St Louis Gueze Fond, some like it sour
  • and possibly…Samichlaus Helles, Santa Claus’s favorite beer!

This tasting will happen from 5:30-7:30pm. Only $4 at the register, and 75% goes to the team! So go ahead, Take one for the team!

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Today is the day. If you don’t have tickets to the 10th Annual Washington Cask Beer Festival, you are probably out of luck. Tickets to the first session are sold out. We’ve heard rumors that there are still a few tickets left for the second session (6:00 -10:00). Assuming that is true, the tickets will be available at the door. It’s worth a shot.

Last night we went to Brouwer’s for the 10 Herbert’s Showcase. We figured that since we’re going to the Cask Fest second session we might encounter a Herbert’s shortage and we wanted to make sure we were able to sample all 10. When we arrived at 6:30, the place was packed. The crowd turned over, but the place was still jamming when we left. We only spotted one brewer (Kevin, from Northgate Ram). The crowd was not as WABL-ish as I would have expected. We saw a few familiar faces, but that’s it. I suppose that has to do with today’s festival as much as anything else.

Wow, 10 Herbert’s in one place. Didn’t realize how daunting a task that would be. (“Honey, get the Tylenol.”) They were all excellent. If I had to name a favorite, or some favorites, I would mention Elysian, Water Street, Northgate Ram, and Anacortes. In saying that, I must emphasize that they were all excellent. Interestingly, they’re all similar and at the same time unique.  I would like to personally thank all of the various brewers who had a hand in making these 10 lovely beers. I would also like to thank my designated driver, as well as the people at Novartis for creating Excedrin.

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