Silas Reynolds knows beer and he knows food. He also knows that West Seattle needs another great pub. Silas is about to give them one.

Silas has formal training and professional experience in the culinary arts but has also worked as a self-described “keg monkey” for Arlen Harris at the LaConner Brewing Company. He was also instrumental in opening the Rockfish Grill and Anacortes Brewery. Today, he is the proprietor of the Porterhouse Pub — Mt. Vernon’s exceptional beer destination.

We just spent a few minutes with Silas at his new digs in West Seattle’s Admiral Neighborhood, where he will soon open a second Porterhouse Pub. The location could not be easier to find. It is literally next door to the historic Admiral Theater, near the corner of Admiral Way and California Avenue. If you know the neighborhood, we’re talking about the space that was formerly Black Bird.  It is a great space in a great neighborhood. Heck, the bar even has patio seating!

In Mt. Vernon, the Porterhouse is a “grown-ups only” establishment (21+). Anyone who knows West Seattle understand that it would be foolish to not allows parents to bring their kids. It’s a demographic reality. Silas is a West Seattle native and a new father, so he will make the West Seattle Porterhouse an all-ages pub.

There will be 25 tap handles pouring a rotating selection of west coast beers, with an emphasis on local beers. Cheers to that! They will likely have a featured brewery each month. That brewery will host a brewers night to kick things off and then will have four tap handles for the month.

Silas described the food as being, “Pub food with an ecclectic twist.” He also explained that he has an abnormally large number of farmers and gardeners in the family, so you can look forward to fresh, locally grown veggies.

He told us that he hopes to open in July. While we admire his vision and the purity of his intentions, we’ll be amazed if that happens. Very, very happy, but amazed. We will keep you posted as thing progress.

It just so happens that West Seattle’s Admiral neighborhood is the place that I call home. With all respect to Circa, my neighborhood so desperately needs a great beer bar. Mrs. Beer Blog and I could not be happier that Silas is bringing his show to town.


Each year the North American Brewers’ Association sanctions a competition which provides a chance for commercial brewers to have their beers judged alongside the best beers in North America. This year’s awards were just announced and our Washington brewers deserve to be congratulated for another outstanding performance. This year, Washington brought home a total of  25 medals. Fish Brewing Company brought home a 26th medal (gold) for their Spire Mountain Cider.

Both Pike Brewing Company and Silver City Brewing Company won four medals. Flyers Restaurant and Brewery (Oak Harbor) brought home three medals (congrats to Tony Savoy, the brewer at Flyers).  Three of Washington’s newest breweries — Big Al Brewing, Black Raven Brewing, and Chuckanut Brewery — brought home medals in their first attempt. Can I get a “Hell Ya!”

You can see the complete list of awards, and learn more about the awards, on the North American Brewers’ Association Web site.

Gold Medalists

Chuckanut Brewery – Dunkel

Silver City Brewing Co – Fat Scotch Ale

Pike Brewing Co – Pike Entire

Redhook Ale Brewery – Belgian Tripel

Silver Medalists

Ram Brewery (Tacoma) – Big Horn Hefeweizen

Silver City Brewing Co – Beautimus

Chuckanut Brewery – Strong Bock

Flyers Restaurant and Brewery – Spitfire Best Bitter

Harmon Brewing Co – Brown’s Point ESB

Pike Brewing Co – Pike Pale Ale

Black Raven Brewing Co – Trickster IPA

Flyers Restaurant and Brewery – First Flight Amber

Silver City Brewing Co – Ridgetop Red

Ice Harbor Brewing Co – Sternwheeler Stout

Pike Brewing Co – Old Bawdy Barleywine

Ram Brewery (Tacoma) – Big Horn Blond

Bronze Medalists

Ice Harbor Brewing Co – Kolsch Brand Ale

Silver City Brewing Co – Copper Mt. Bock

Pike Brewing Co – Pike IPA

Flyers Restaurant and Brewery – Barnstormer Brown Ale

Boundary Bay Brewery – Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Scuttlebutt Brewing Co – Old #1 Barley Wine 2008

Redhook Ale Brewery – Slim Chance Light Ale

Big Al Brewing – Smoked Porter

Hales Ales – Cerebus (Tripel)

(Friday, June 5th) – Redmond’s Malt and Vine will be hosting a Pike Tasting tonight (5:30 – 7:30). Sample selections of Pike’s great beers. As a special treat, they’ll have a cask of Pike IPA. The truly adventerous can even try a vertical tasting of  the Pike Old Bawdy Barleywine.

We just got a message from Chris Devlin at the Bottleworks (who is also responsible for the Beer Retard blog).  The Bottleworks is now serving draft beer. In fact, they’ll even special order a keg for you. Read on and visit their blog for more information.

Not sure if you’ve been by BW in the last month or so, but we have 5 rotating selections on tap. People can drink a pint or snifter while shopping or they can open any bottle in the store and drink it there (with a small corkage fee). We’re also filling growlers of the draft beers. We have current information on what beers are pouring on our blog (http://bottleworks.com).

Getting the word out about the taps has been really slow. A lot of people are still coming in and have no idea we’d made changes. If you have a chance to come by, I hope you’ll have a beer and check out the new setup. And if you think it merits a mention on WA Beer Blog, that’d be cool. We need help getting the word out and you do a great job covering all the local beer stuff.

Thanks a lot. Hope to pour you a beer at BW soon,

Hot Nights, Cool Brews

Maybe it was stupid of me, but I did a bunch of yard work late yesterday afternoon in the 90 degree sun. I kept hydrated, but it still sucked the life out of me. I found myself longing for a cold beer. Fear not, I did not reach for a lawn mower beer (PBR, Rainier, Coors Light, etc). I showered up, made myself smell presentable, and then headed to the Elliott Bay Brewery Pub where I enjoyed a Wit von Boorian — Elliott Bay’s latest seasonal offering. It is light, yet flavorful. It is aromatically effervescent. With a delightful wisp of citrus, the Wit von Boorian is a deliciously quenching and refreshing beer for a sultry summer’s eve.

Wit von Boorian recently went on tap at Elliott Bay’s West Seattle pub, and is also available at the brewhouse in Burien.

On the Elliott Bay Brewing blog, Doug Hindman describes Wit von Boorian this way:

Wit von Boorian is our first collaboration with Trappist monks!

We brewed this light, flavorful, and cloudy wheat beer with some very special ingredients: chamomile flowers, coriander seeds, and orange marmalade from St. Joseph’s Abbey, a monastery in Spencer, MA. Brother Brian was kind enough to expedite a shipment to us and we are most pleased with the results.

Cooks Illustrated selected the Trappist Orange Marmalade as its favorite, saying: “Trappist Seville Orange Marmalade earned strong points for its natural orange flavor and was also the favorite of our testers who liked a solid level of sweetness as well as a moderate amount of tartness.” These same qualities also came through in the finished beer along with an enticing chamomile aroma.

Seriously, if you’re going to the Washington Brewers Festival this Fathers Day weekend (and you should), you really need to read this and heed the advice.

The 2009 Washington Brewer’s Festival will be held June 19-21 at St. Edward State Park in Kenmore. Sometimes referred to as “the mother of all Fathers Day beer festivals,” this event is definitely the big daddy. What we’re talking about is approximately 50-something breweries pouring a couple hundred different beers. Most of the breweries are right here in Washington, though there are some out-of-state participants. If you love good beer, your attendance at this event is mandatory.

Parking! Transportation!

Parking is the big news this year. Currently there is construction going on at the park. As a result, parking is limited. On Saturday and Sunday, on-site parking is by permit only. Permits must be purchased in advance for $15. The parking fee will be donated to St. Edward State Park. The Washington Beer Commission has arrange shuttle buses from local park-and-rides. You can park at one of the P&Rs for free and catch a shuttle to the event. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the free shuttle. On-site parking is free on Friday (no permit required).

The Washington Beer Commission has spelled out the entire parking and transportation plan very well on their Web site. We strongly suggest that you visit the site and make your transportation plans according to their advice. http://www.washingtonbeer.com/directionswabf.htm

Festival Web Site – http://www.washingtonbeer.com/wabf.htm

About St Edward State Park

We just got a quick update from the folks at Fremont Brewing. They tell us that they currently have beer in both fermenters and expect to tap their first kegs at the Latona in the next 2-3 weeks. We’ll keep you informed as more details and more updates come in.

If you don’t know about Fremont Brewing, read our original post about Seattle’s newest craft brewer.